IndieWeb Endpoints

Discover a URL’s IndieAuth, Micropub, Microsub, and Webmention endpoints.

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Found the following IndieWeb endpoints for

IndieWeb endpoints for represented as tabular data.
authorization_endpoint No authorization_endpoint endpoint found.
indieauth-metadata No indieauth-metadata endpoint found.
micropub No micropub endpoint found.
microsub No microsub endpoint found.
redirect_uri No redirect_uri endpoint found.
token_endpoint No token_endpoint endpoint found.
webmention No webmention endpoint found.


  "authorization_endpoint": null,
  "indieauth-metadata": null,
  "micropub": null,
  "microsub": null,
  "redirect_uri": null,
  "token_endpoint": null,
  "webmention": null
IndieWeb endpoints for represented as JSON.

Command Line Interface

Use command line utilities like curl or Wget to directly query IndieWeb Endpoints.
curl --header 'Accept: application/json' --silent '' wget --header 'Accept: application/json' --quiet -O - ''